Project Experience: Public Sector

MedellinLuis has directed several major Transport Planning projects in cities like Leeds, Madrid, Dublin, Abu Dhabi, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Bogotá, Medellín and Guadalajara. Several of these involved consideration of major investment In public transport, in particular BRT, LRT and metro. In all of them Transport Modelling has played a significant role. His main contribution has been to adapt these models to the requirements of the planning process supporting consultation with stakeholders.




DublinmapAs an example, Luis directed the modelling effort in preparing the Dublin Transportation Plan in the early nineties and later on supported several enhancements to that model system. More recently, he directed a comprehensive review of the existing transport model for Dublin and produced a set of recommendations for its improvement in order to tackle key policy and investment issues in the region. These recommendations were accepted and he then led the re-calibration of the AM peak and off-peak models in 2009.




Singapore 006After making early contributions to the project in London, Willumsen led other Congestion Charging work in Edinburgh, Santiago and Bogotá. In all of them the development of a suitable model to answer the key questions posed by decision makers and stakeholders was paramount. Willingness to pay and the identification of winners and losers is key in these cases.

Luis has also acted as peer reviewer of major studies in cities like London, Sheffield, Auckland and Lille.