Project Experience: Private Sector

MexFARAC024Willumsen has led the preparation of over 30 Traffic and Revenue Forecasts for toll roads in many parts of the world. His work has supported financial close for over 6 billion US$ in the last 10 years.

He is well respected by consortia bidding for such projects, financial institutions and rating agencies. His advice combines sound modelling techniques with extensive experience and a sound track record.

Francesc Macia stationWillumsen has led Patronage and Revenue Forecasting studies for a number of Metro and Light Rail studies including metros in Santiago, Caracas, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi, LRT in Seville, Barcelona, Lyon and Almaty. One of the most difficult tasks is modelling competition with other modes and, in some cases, motorcycles and para-transit.

Two of the projects above provided improved access to their respective Airports.

PortugalRAVELuis directed several rail studies for implementation by the private sector. He led the demand and revenue forecasts for the High Speed Rail network in Portugal for RAVE, improvements to suburban rail services in the Marseille Region, patronage and revenue projections for the Regional Metros in Valparaiso (MERVAL) and Guanajuato (TEG) as well as major rail and metro projects in the Middle East.